To join The Patriots Business Alliance it’s really a simple five-minute process-

Go to

In the top menu bar click on “Become a Member”.

This will take you to the “Submit Listing” page. Click on the Green “Enter Your Listing Details” button.

This will take you to the “Submit Listing- $100 Listing Package” page.

Fill in the various fields on the page. Each field “Heading” has a “mouse-over” for instructions.

After completing the entries, click on “Preview” button. From here you can either go back and “Edit Listing”, or click “Submit Listing” and it will take you to the Secure Payment “Checkout” page.

If a member of a referring group gave you a “referral or coupon code”, please enter it in the “Have a referral code?”, and click “Apply Code” box so the referring group will get credit.

Enter your billing information, check the “accept terms & conditions” box, and click “Continue to payment” button.

Complete PayPal payment and click “Pay Now” and you are done.

You’ll receive a confirmation “Welcome” e-mail within 12 hours that will let you set your own personal password.

Going forward you can sign in and edit your listing at anytime. You control your content.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Guy R. Smith