Why Become A Member?

Because it will be good investment in your business and in the future of our Republic and our Society.

Because you want your business to become part of the solution toward restoring THE Republic!

Because by providing an easy to access mobile directory, we will give your fellow Patriots the power to locate and patronize your business.

Because it will help get your business plugged in to a growing and very loyal customer base, American Patriots!

Because you want your business to be a part of the change in how consumers in the United States choose where they spend their dollars!

Because making the conscious decision to proclaim that you will operate your business in a way that is aligned with the Values and Principles that made this Country great just feels right.

Because your business will have its own customizable web page located on the Patriots Business Alliance web site to promote your business to the Patriot audience that we are driving to the 4PBA.com web site.

Because your business will be added to the lists of businesses that we will be promoting through our targeted advertising campaigns.

Because keeping the dollars of Patriots out of the hands of Liberal- Progressive supporters and political campaigns will help more Constitutional Conservative candidates get elected to office.

Voting With Our Dollars to Save THE Republic!