As I look at this whole “healthcare” debate, I’m trying to figure out when we decided that those among US who chose to invest the time and the capital, and have the aptitude to be healers, should be regulated and abused as a human commodity? In this whole national “healthcare” discussion, we seem to just expect those who choose to be Doctors, Nurses and any other Healthcare Specialists, to just do as the system tells them to. Maybe I’m just a nut-job, but I believe it should be the decision of the healers to decide whom they choose to provide services to. And to not be subservient to a national system which attempts to control the use of their labor and talents.

I think that most of our fellow Humans who choose to be healers do so for all of the right reasons, the biggest reason being that they want to make a difference and make the lives of their fellow Humans better. And personally, I believe they should be compensated exceptionally for their services. I want them to be afforded the best luxuries and to be well recreated and rested when they show up in the middle of the night and save my life. Or your life. Somewhere, somehow, we have decided that what these exceptional individuals choose to do for the betterment of our communities is a commodity, to be regulated and directed by the national government. What the hello is up with that?

Please excuse my language, but how has our national government been given dominion over these individuals’ labor? I have great respect for my fellow Humans who choose to dedicate their lives to being healers. I’m just trying to understand how and why we tend to expect these people to provide their life-saving talents at whatever the collective decides their rate should be? How has this come to be? And become a national discussion none the less? Why doesn’t every Dr. have the right to decide who and under what circumstances they choose to do business? Without being penalized? I think we get too caught up in the emotion of the discussion and not the real substance of it.

Every Doctor, Nurse and other Healthcare Specialists and every clinic/practice should decide how and with whom they choose to do business. These healers make great sacrifices to do what they do for US and deserve our thanks and our respect. And healthcare is a market driven business. Well, at least it should be.

God Bless America! And Please America, Bless God Again!

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