Subtitle: Did you even know these things happened?

In the shadow of the lead-up to President Trump’s historic summit with North Korean Leader Kim Jung Un, two very significant election-related events have happened. The first one happened here in the State of North Carolina, and the second, and maybe even more significant in the big picture, a Supreme Court opinion concerning an Ohio State Law. As we all should be in favor of free and fair elections, these two events will work to advance the securing that this will happen.

Let’s start with the one that happened last Thursday here in the State of North Carolina. The NC General Assembly will be considering a North Carolina Constitutional Amendment to require that a Photo I.D. will be required to vote in person in all elections. I know that most people still have a hard time understanding why ANYBODY would be against requiring a Citizen to provide a proper Photo I.D. to vote. Since in today’s United States, you have to have a proper Photo I.D. to do just about anything, why wouldn’t one be required to participate in the most important event that a US Citizen does? Well, believe it or not, some people seem to have a real problem with it.

The whole Constitutional Amendment Bill is less than one page long-


SECTION 1. Section 2 of Article VI of the Constitution of North Carolina is amended by adding a new subsection to read:

“(4) Photo identification for voting in person. Every person offering to vote in person shall present photo identification before voting in the manner prescribed by law.”

SECTION 2. The amendment set out in Section 1 of this act shall be submitted to the qualified voters of the State at a statewide general election to be held in November of 2018, which election shall be conducted under the laws then governing elections in the State. Ballots, voting systems, or both may be used in accordance with Chapter 163A of the General Statutes. The question to be used in the voting systems and ballots shall be:

“[ ] FOR [ ] AGAINST
Constitutional amendment to require voters to provide photo identification beforevoting.”

SECTION 3. If a majority of votes cast on the question are in favor of the amendment set out in Section 1 of this act, the Bipartisan State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement shall certify the amendment to the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State shall enroll the amendment so certified among the permanent records of that office.

SECTION 4. The amendment set out in Section 1 of this act is effective upon certification.

SECTION 5. Except as otherwise provided, this act is effective when it becomes law.


That’s it. Now, let’s hope the Voters of North Carolina turn out in November and pass this in overwhelming fashion.

And now, for the BIG National voting news. The US Supreme Court, in a 5-4 opinion released on Monday, June 11, upheld an Ohio State Law that allows, and outlines the process by which dead, relocated and otherwise inactive/invalid Voters can, and will, be removed from the State’s Voter Rolls. The using of dead and inactive voter records is known to be a preferred avenue for systematic voter fraud. Again, something that seems so “common sense” to the vast majority of US Citizens, is being reported in Liberal-Progressive circles as an unbridled means of “voter suppression”. Tell me what you think?

As reported on
“Ohio law allows the state to send address confirmation notices to voters who have not engaged in voter activity for two years. If a voter returns the notice through prepaid mail, or responds online, the information is updated. If the notice is ignored and the voter fails to update a registration over the next four years, the registration is canceled.”

OH THE TERROR!! Sorry for the sarcasm, but if you don’t vote for 6 years and ignore a notice that has a prepaid postage return form, then you will be removed from the Voter Rolls. It just seems very common sense to me, but not to some. Also from the story:

“The Supreme Court has just given a stamp of approval to voter suppression,” said Liz Kennedy, senior director of Democracy and Government Reform at the Center for American Progress. “Ohio’s system of purging voters that choose not to participate in some elections unfairly silences hundreds of thousands of voters in the state, especially people of color and the homeless.”

Yes my friends, the Liberal-Progressives think that you are truly too stupid to maintain your voting status without their help. I guess they’re really concerned how many dead and missing people will not be able to vote for their candidates in future elections. We sincerely hope that the historic US-NOKO summit is a great success, but we wanted to let you know that actions to assure that your future elections and their integrity are being advanced and protected in very positive ways!

God Bless America! And America, please Bless God again!

  1. Evil and Stupid run together. They are hard to fight.

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