May 16, 2018, has been designated as “North Carolina Teachers’ ‘Hissy-Fit Day’” by Education “Advocates” from all across the State of North Carolina. On this day, teachers from across the State will embark on a pilgrimage to Raleigh, to show up and throw a “Hissy-Fit” at the North Carolina General Assembly. Many of us are baffled about why, in a State where Teacher’s pay, and public education spending, is rising faster than most any other State in the Country, because of the work of the very General Assembly they are showing up to protest, this is happening? And we’ve really not been given any kind of a coherent reason by any of those who are driving this action for it.

As a Citizen living in the State of North Carolina, I find this whole thing to be a rather disturbing symptom of the disease, that the participants are a large part of the root cause of, the “dumbing down” of the next generation. This is an aggressive disease that the national government and their Educrats have been spreading for decades now. The saddest part is that those who used to take pride in the accomplishments made by the next generation, classroom teachers, are now willful coconspirators in the spreading of this dangerous disease. And the disease has become so rampant that those spreading it either don’t know or don’t care that what they are doing on May 16, 2018, will just increase the epidemic.

I guess because I don’t have children I didn’t realize this disease even existed until it had become a full-blown epidemic. My Dad, a Secondary Education Professor, started warning me about this outbreak at least 40 years ago. But because I wasn’t directly exposed through not having children, I guess I thought he was just exaggerating. Now, as I watch what is happening around me, I know he wasn’t at all. In fact I now believe he was underestimating how wide-spread and severe the epidemic would become. But he did warn me that the national government would be at the root of its spreading. This has proven so true.

Through every “reauthorization” of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, the national Educrats, through the manipulation of Members of Congress, have accelerated the spread of the disease far and wide. And sadly, the classroom teachers have been used by them to infect the children in their care. For the first 20+ years of this effort, the Educrats found that the classroom teachers were the “problem”, slowing the spread of the disease, because they were dedicated to using the “Art of Teaching” they learned in college. But then the Educrats started infecting the Colleges of Education to make sure the next generations of graduates were expert “Test Administrators”, not actually “Teachers” and the “Art of Teaching” has nearly become extinct.

So, how did this morph in to “Hissy-Fit Day”? I believe there are multiple factors that have lead to this. 1) The fact that there has been a generational change in who today’s classroom teachers are and the majority is now made up of members of the “Me” generations. 2) There has been the near total elimination of disciplinary support for classroom teachers so they are mostly abandoned in their schools. 3) The effect of near unfettered legal and illegal immigration, and the forcing of schools to accept all comers, regardless of cultural or language barriers, can not be underestimated. 4) The ability of the Educrat “leaders” to propagandize the classroom teachers about whom and what are the causes of their distress.

The really sad part of this is that as it stands now, the teachers who participate in “Hissy-fit Day” will be aiming their hissy-fits at the only ones in Raleigh who have had their backs for the last several years, not at the ones who deserve it. Who do I believe deserve to be the targets of their hissy-fits? I’d start with the Educrat “leaders” in their local School District who ultimately decide how the money in their district is distributed. Then, if I’m a classroom teacher determined on going to Raleigh to throw a hissy-fit, I’m going right over to the DPI “Pink Palace on the Halifax Mall” and throw a hissy-fit at the overpaid, busywork-creating Educrats, who suck up the resources they need in the classroom, that inhabit the offices and cubicles there. What’s scary to me is that those who we are expecting to “educate” our next generation really don’t understand enough about how the Public Education Industry works to throw their hissy-fits at the right people. Sadly, this all is just another symptom of the disease. Happy North Carolina Teachers’ “Hissy-fit Day”!

God Bless America! And America, please Bless God again!

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