We are now almost 90 days past the 2ndanniversary of the Inauguration of this President, and the one thing that has not changed from the primary season, ten months, before Mr. Trump was elected, or really for the 20-30 years before that; the most important issue impacting the United States is the migration. I use the word “migration”, instead of the word “immigration”, because I believe that part of what is leading to the current destruction of our Country and our Culture is because we’ve blurred what these two words really mean.

Whereas migration is the natural and generally uncontrolled movement of people or animals from one place to another due to natural circumstances, Immigration is the legal and controlled movement of people, from one region or country, in to another region or country. Immigration is supposed to be controlled and governed by the receiving Country. This is why what we have now is migration, not immigration. And the natives are fed up and are saying they’ve had enough. We are seeing the basic foundation of our Culture being eroded and we don’t like it, and we will not just stand by and watch it happen.

The basic revolt is happening because the elites in the protected political class, particularly at the national level, don’t act as if they can even recognize, or care about, the destruction they are enabling, at the cost of the end of the US Culture, as we have known it. On the ground, We The People see how this still nearly unfettered flow of people, who aren’t like US, are forcing the “down-grading” of the core of our economic and cultural lives and lifestyle, even in the midst of this current economic expansion. And it is negatively effecting every major institution that our previous ordered-society has built. I’ll just highlight a few.

Education- The migration is seriously damaging our education system by overwhelming the public school systems, especially early education in particular. How do we expect a teacher to properly teach our native children when as many as half of the kids in a classroom don’t speak Basic English? And because we’ve forced our education institutions to cower in the face of not offending any, we are just expected to stand by and watch the continued “dumbing-down” of our US Citizen children. This, I believe, is the most destructive systemic piece of societal death through the migration.

Healthcare- The migration is a multi-pronged assault on what was, until the last 2-3 decades, the best healthcare system, and the healthiest population in the world. First, because of our own self-destructive policies, the migrants are overwhelming the hospital system through two main avenues, packing and bankrupting the emergency rooms, and the costs related to their very high reproduction rate. Next, the migration is bringing diseases and infections in to the Country that we have either never seen before, or reintroducing diseases previously eradicated. The costs to deal with all of this are going to continue to expand exponentially if not confronted quickly.

Crime- The migration is comprised of people, who on the very basis of them being here, are criminals. I know that this may be seen as harsh, but it is what it is. So once a person is dismissive of the basic rule of law, why should we expect them to observe the rule of law? This isn’t a legal question; this is a human nature question. No matter how many concessions the migration apologists want US to make to these criminals, they are still criminals first. Because many have come here from a country where violence is the dominant tool of law, they only know violence as the tool of action.

Culture- The migration goes against the foundation of our Culture from several different groups of migrants and several different directions. The vast majorities of migrants have no plan to assimilate to our Culture and in turn, will destroy it. Whether it’s those who come from areas of the world where a sexual relationship with a 12-year-old child, regardless of the sex of the child, is acceptable, or from a part of the world that sees a woman as a possession, not a person, they cannot be a positive addition to, or influence on, our Culture. We have to be willing to recognize that “multi-culturalism” is what has nearly destroyed Western Civilization in Europe as you read this. And unchecked, the migration will do the same here.

So, as the “political elite” continues to lash-out and attack We The People, and President Trump, for being stupid, or unsophisticated, or the enemy, it’s because they just don’t understand what the most important issue in this last Presidential election cycle really was, The Migration. And as they better remember, even as they talk and attack US, We The People voted, and will continue to vote. Thank You, President Trump!

God Bless America! And America, Please Bless God Again!

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