We’re starting to see what will happen now that OUR President realizes that “playing nice” with the globalist “Deep State” in the sewer that is Washington, D.C. isn’t possible. This past weekend President Trump let the Country know that he’s tired of playing with the sewer dwellers and it’s time to get down to business cleaning them out, first and foremost, from our law enforcement and intelligence communities. In a single tweet OUR President put the whole ugly under-belly in D.C. on notice that he’s through playing their games. On Sunday President Trump sent this out in a tweet, “I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes – and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!”


So, how did we get here? A quick history recap-

For the last 28 years BT (Before Trump) we “selected” four consecutive Progressive Globalist Presidents that saw the U.S. Citizens as the threat to their “Grand Plan” of becoming “Citizens of the World”. And in turn, they directed the domestic intelligence and law enforcement communities to do whatever they deemed necessary to make sure that the US Citizen populace didn’t interfere with the plan. This reached a crescendo pitch during the last 8 years BT as the Jarrett Admin. “Weaponized” most areas of the national government against the U.S. Citizens in case they tried to organize against the globalists. They used the IRS, the EPA, OSHA, the DOT and all of the rest of the D.C. “alphabet soup” operations to keep the U.S. Citizens in line.

Just think about all of the things the national government has done TO the U.S. Citizens since Ronald Reagan left the White House. And how many of these were done through “Executive Action” alone? And how much of it was done to appease their allies in the various globalist organizations? How many U.S. Citizen families have been put into financial peril because their jobs were eliminated to appease the global climate activists? Or to help “elevate” those poor people around the World whose Countries the globalists claim have been “looted” by U.S. Capitalism? How many U.S. Citizens have been affected by diseases that we had once eradicated in this Country that were brought back in to US by unknowns coming across the Border? How much U.S. “Blood and Treasure” has been spilled or lost because we’ve been willing to serve as the global “enforcers”?

Then their greatest fear was realized when the U.S. Citizens were crazy enough to actually nominate a Populist Nationalist like Donald J Trump for President of one of the two wings of the “Uni-Party” that had shared the White House for the last 28 years BT. So they unleashed everything they could against the Trump Campaign to assure that he wasn’t actually elected. But We The People refused to bend and elected him. We are just starting to see what the “Deep State” did during the last campaign and it’s going to get much deeper and uglier going forward. I believe that We The People’s President, Donald J. Trump, is now ready to open up the whole ugly can of worms and let them all squirm out in to the sunlight. You know what they say, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant!”

I truly believe that President Trump tried hard to work with the “establishment” in D.C. to start with, but has now been convinced that they CAN NOT be worked with, and must be exposed and destroyed. His order to begin investigating the operation’s of the Obama DOJ/FBI, in this past Presidential Election, I believe is just the first shot across the bow of the sewer dwellers to expose the ugliness that is D.C. Now We The People must stand and make sure President Trump knows that we have got his back. As a U.S. Citizen I couldn’t be prouder of OUR President or more excited about the future! Get your popcorn ready because I believe this show is just getting started!

God Bless America! And America, please Bless God again!

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