How many people reading this know that Congressman Lee Zeldin (NY-1), along with 15+ other Members of the United States House of Representatives, announced last Tuesday that they are filing a House Resolution calling for the appointment of a “Special Counsel” to investigate MULTIPLE illegal actions by the FBI and the Obama Department of Injustice, including but not limited to, the mishandling and cover-up of the HiLIARy Clinton e-mail investigation? This is a link to the video of the press conference where this was announced-

This is a link to the press release from Congressman Zeldin’s office outlining the multiple illegal activities to be investigated-

I guess the first thing that strikes me is how has this been “not covered” by the “lame stream ‘news’ media”? I did a search on the ABCNews, CBSNews, CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC and NBCNews websites for “Lee Zeldin press conference May 22, 2018” and got ZERO results at EVERY one? But when I did a simple Google Search for “Lee Zeldin press conference May 22, 2018”, amazingly the FIRST result is the C-Span link to the full press conference!’t that just typical of today’s “news” media? But why wouldn’t the “news” media cover what I believe to be the greatest political scandal in the history of the United States Government? I can only guess it’s because of which “team” this investigation will look in to.

I only learned about this yesterday because a friend of mine “shared” the link to the first video above in a Facebook group that I follow. And anybody that reads this blog, even on a semi-regular basis, knows that I’m a news wonk, or junkie, whichever term you prefer, particularly on all things governmental. I did find it with a search at so I guess I just missed it. But I’m very concerned that something this big could basically be made invisible by the “news” media. Well, how big is this? I believe that before this is over, compared to this, “Watergate” is going to look like a jaywalking violation.

So, why do I think this would be SO BIG? I believe that the whole Mueller investigation in to “Trump/Russia collusion” is happening to cover this up, because this goes all the way in to the Oval Office of the previous administration. How BIG would you think it is for the previous administration, with knowledge all the way in to the Oval Office, to have fully mobilized and “weaponized” the intelligence and law enforcement operations of the national government, to undermine the Presidential campaign of the candidate from the other major political party? And then they made sure the pieces were in place to continue to undermine the Presidency of that candidate after he won? THAT’S BIG!!

So, what’s next? Well first, each and every person who reads this needs to call your Member of the US House of Representatives and let them know you are aware of this story and DEMAND that they support this resolution being moved to the floor of the House immediately. Second, share this with people you know, who cares about how lawless the national government has become, and ask him or her to call their Member of the House too. Third, if you live in the District of one of these brave Members who are signatories to this Resolution, please call their office and thank them for standing for you and your fellow Citizens! We hear the term “Constitutional Crisis” thrown about every other day about this or that, but this is the “Real McCoy” and must be exposed, and those who were/are involved must be held accountable!

God Bless America! And America, please Bless God again!

  1. Awesome reporting Guy! I’m glad you are my friend. This in my opinion is exactly what I think too. Pete M. has said to me several months ago that there will be boots on the ground soon and we ARE in a Constitutional Crisis! Keep up the good work and God save our Republic and now is the time.
    Steve Bogdan

  2. I just hope something comes out of this. As I have said before, the “Deep State” is VERY deep.

  3. What boggles the mind is that the crimes.commited by the entire O. administration are going uninvestigated. While the crimes (allegedly) committed to the Trump transition team have completely gone off the rails into unconstitutional behavior.

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