In the last week, more people have heard the name of the evil puppeteer, who pulled the strings of the “Meat-puppet In Chief” Barack Hussein Obama, than heard her name in the 8 years BHO was in the White House. Valerie Jarrett is a name now known by more people, because Roseanne chose to make her the object of a tweet, than knew her name through the whole 8 years she was the de facto President of the United States. Or knew her name during the previous ~20 years that she had spent grooming the Obamas for the big political stage. Make no mistake about it; Roseanne did We The People a favor by putting Valerie Jarrett back in the spotlight. With this simple not-racist tweet- “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.” Roseanne shined the light on Valerie Jarrett.

The following was written in the waning months of the Jarrett Administration in the fall of 2016 and now is a good time to revisit some truth.



Why have we decided that poking Putin and Russia at this time is a good idea? Are we, or at least the current regime in the United States, on the wrong side of yet another situation in the Middle East? Why does no one talk about the interconnection of Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria and Turkey in the context of our clumsy, or calculated, intervention in all of the above? As our military and defense readiness is at a decades deep low, why do we seem to be choosing to rattle our saber in an area where we are not liked or welcome? And one last question, “Who is Valerie Jarrett?”

I believe the last question is most important to answer first. Valerie Jarrett is the Iranian-born owner of the current President and the First Family. She acquired ownership in 1991 while working as deputy chief of staff in the Office of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley when she hired Michelle Robinson, who at the time was engaged to a Chicago Community Organizer working under the name of Barry Soetoro. Valerie Jarrett has been directly involved for Obama’s whole political career. She chose to take the couple “under her wing” to begin grooming Barack for his future and introducing him to the movers and shakers in the Chicago political and social circles. I believe that she is the actual President of the United States for all practical purposes.

From this point forward in this essay we will offer some ideas of what is actually happening based on one simple conclusion, Valerie Jarrett is the “Manchurian Candidate” and is operating as the proxy for her moslem faith. I’ve found that once you are able to look at what has happened through that lens, much of the insanity of the last 7+ years starts to make sense. If the whole purpose is the establishment of the new caliphate and moslem world domination, what the Jarrett Administration has done makes perfect sense. I would just ask anybody if they have an idea that makes any more sense than this? Remember that when Valerie Jarrett took over the White House that the Middle East was in a relatively stable state, at least for the Middle East.

Think about it, Iraq was at a point of near peaceful stability and was on a path to economic and relative political civility following the surge. The majority of the countries in the Middle East and North Africa were, if not peaceful, they were stable, until the Jarrett Administration decided to be the “peacemakers” and proceeded to set the whole region on fire. It started with Egypt. Does anybody seriously question that we were directly involved in the moslem brotherhood’s overthrow of Mubarak? How about the overthrow of Moammar Kaddafi in Libya? And did anybody notice that through these two illegal actions by the Jarrett Administration, the Meat-Puppet in Chief NEVER really mentioned Assad and what he was doing in Syria.

Then in July of 2013 Chancellor Jarrett’s dream of the moslem brotherhood establishing the seat of the new caliphate in the Nile Valley was dashed when General Fattah el-Sisi led a revolt that took down the moslem brotherhood’s illegal government in Cairo. And how surprising is it that in August of 2013, Obama starts calling for “military action” against Assad. Obama had made an occasional declaration or mention of Assad in previous periods and we know that through Benghazi we had been arming the “good” rebels in Syria, but in August 2013, after the fall of Morsi in Egypt, it was time for the allies to join US in military action against Assad. And at this point in time isil came fully on the scene. They announced they were the foundation of the new caliphate, even with their leader claiming he was the caliph.

Now for 3 years we have been playing patty-cake with and giving lip service to isil, while we have been watching Russia and Iran support Assad, and we’re watching Erdogen in Turkey solidify his transformation of the formerly-secular NATO country in to a more fundamental islamic republic every day. We also must not forget that Erdogen was the first foreign leader that Obama was in contact with after he was elected in 2008. In addition to this there is no question that Iran is more influential in Iraq as we have abdicated our position. As the whole situation becomes more so unstable, who is the one group of allies we have in the area? The Kurds, and we’ve just left them hanging. What a total mess we’ve made!

So after all of this, as their term is coming to an end, now the Jarrett Administration sees this as the right time to poke the Russian Bear? I’m just not sure there is any reason to be doing this today except to continue the upheaval and chaos in the Middle East, possibly igniting the next Global War. What purpose would that possibly serve in the future of civilization? None of this makes any sense unless you can accept my initial premise of whom Chancellor Jarrett is and what her mission was. Can someone please ask Madame Chancellor?


THANK YOU Roseanne for returning the spotlight on to the evil that is Valerie Jarrett. No matter how or why you did it.

God Bless America! And America, Bless God Again!

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