As I listen to the extremists, as well as even some reasonable voices, on both sides of the D.A.C.A. noise, I find that there is more that is just noise in this conversation than anything else. Nobody really wants to talk about the facts surrounding D.A.C.A., which is an ILLEGAL program put in to place by former (Thank You Lord) President Barack Obama. So, what is D.A.C.A.? It is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. So, if the persons the program is to include, can’t PROVE they were in the Country before the age of 13, they shouldn’t even part of this conversation. I sincerely hope that my fellow US Citizens will wake-up and understand that ONLY in the coddled “societies” of Western Europe and the United States is everyone under 18 a child. So, we know that even the name of the program is a lie. Think about it.

So, now that we’ve established what should be the proper subset, let’s talk about some specifics of just another mess created by the Jarrett Administration that we now expect Mr. Trump to just wave a magic wand and clean up. To me, there are four real components of D.A.C.A., the Legal, the Operational, the Economic and the Emotional, IN THAT ORDER. A big part of the problem with D.A.C.A. today is that many of the “Pro-Illegal Invader” crowd, as well as others who have taken their bait, want to move the emotional piece to the front of the line with the comment, “These are children brought here because of no actions of their own.” NO? Let’s put this in a proper context, more like, “These are the children, whose parents chose to break in to the world’s greatest convenience store and steal their child(ren) a winning lottery ticket, which they would also benefit from in the end.” It’s just the honest fact. Think about it.

So, let’s start at the beginning with the legal component. First, despite all of the noise, it doesn’t matter how old they were when they invaded, they always have been, are, and always will be, illegal invaders, period. Because of that, the opportunity for them to EVER become US Citizens, without leaving the Country and coming back through the proper naturalization process, MUST not happen. And without doing that the right way, they must NEVER have the right to vote in ANY US election. We must protect the foundational value, and values, of being a US Citizen. Once we CHOOSE to LEGALLY devalue the greatest fortune in the World, that of being a US Citizen, everything else is up for grabs too, and we will have totally lost our Country and our Culture. Think about it.

I see the most difficult piece of this whole cluster-frank that nobody really, on BOTH sides of the issue, ever want to talk about is the operational component. Whether you are in the “Throw them all out” or the “Let them all stay” crowd, the truth is that the vast majority of US Citizens have no concept of the utter incompetence of the US National Government to really do anything, as an operational entity. Do you think that anybody in the national government really has a clue of how many “DREAMers” there actually are in the US today? No, they don’t have a clue. I mean we know that somewhere around 800,000 are “officially” participating in the program, but….. Just like they have NO CLUE how many illegal invaders of all types there are here today. Remember, they’ve been feeding US the ~11 million number for 20 years now. Do you believe it’s the real number? Me neither. Think about it.

What the Jarrett Administration did in D.A.C.A. was put an emotional and politically-based Band-Aid on a bad compound-fracture. And playing around with the Band-Aid does nothing for the compound-fracture. ANY edict at this point, pro or con -D.A.C.A., from Washington, DC, without total buy in from all of the States is only going to make the problem worse, not better. Without operational cooperation from State, county and local social program and law enforcement personnel, nothing will happen, except for more confusion and lawlessness. This is NOBODY’s fault, but the result of the last 30+ years of stupidity and inaction by the national government, from both sides of the aisle and the bureaucracy; on the WHOLE immigration cluster-frank, so ANY single “proclamation” isn’t really going to change anything. That is the ugly secret no one in DC wants D.A.C.A. to expose. This will only start to expose or address the tip of the utter incompetence iceberg that our whole national government is operationally today, maybe. Think about it.

Next is the economics component. The costs already absorbed by the US Citizen of a D.A.C.A. participant are greater than that of the “typical” illegal invader. Why? Because they are part of a system, run by the national government. And the future costs of the D.A.C.A. participant, because of our insane concept, known as “chain migration”, which would allow every “legal” D.A.C.A. participant, to then bring many other financially burdensome family members in to the Country legally, will explode the costs exponentially. I don’t believe I’ve really heard anybody, on either side of the argument, even address this point. What the hey, we’re only ~$20 trillion in debt and rising. Think about it.

The other side of the economic component is, “Does historical evidence of the negativity of ‘throwing good money after bad’ apply to this situation?”How could it not? Will more programs and more outreach and more whatever really change the economic “cost-curve” of our historically, and currently, un-enforced immigration system, and/or the underlying economic damage it is and has done to our Country? I hate to sound like a cynic, but I truly doubt it. Every government service, whether it is law enforcement, education, healthcare, public housing, food assistance, etc, has been NEGATIVELY impacted economically by the illegal invaders. EVERY ONE! And legalizing 800,000 DREAMers or 10-30 million illegal invaders will not improve that, but I believe will make it worse. Think about it.

And then last, there is the emotional component. Sorry, in a Country, and a Society, that is supposed to be operating under the Rule of Law, the emotions should have no bearing on the decisions of ANY of our elected representatives, if they actually possess a spine. Think about it.

In closing, reviewing D.A.C.A. from a factual perspective, rather than an emotional perspective, really exposes some far deeper “problems/opportunities” within our national government than just those related to D.A.C.A. To me it could the beginning of the whole “Draining the DC Swamp” that President Trump pledged to do from the start of his campaign, because it contains most all of the negative pieces of the swamp. Including how any single action related to D.A.C.A. will do nothing but it will start the knocking down the next row of dominos currently being held up by the swamp creatures. And back to the “Band-Aid” that is D.A.C.A., I find it creates the least long-term pain, when you just rip it off quickly. Think about it.

God Bless America! And America, Please Bless God Again!

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