Again and again, I’m hearing members of the new Democrat Majority in the U.S. House of Representatives; saying that they will pay for their great “new” ideas like “Medicare For All” and the move to ALL renewable energy by raising corporate taxes. Well, there is one fact everyone needs to start this discussion from, “Corporations Don’t Pay Taxes, Period”. Now this is where the conversation needs to start. Corporations just serve as rather expensive and inefficient Tax Collectors for the government. It’s because the politicians, none of them, have the Cajonas to actually tell We The People how deep they’re reaching into each and every one of our collective pockets to fund their spending programs and tax credits. Oh, and to buy votes.

If our political leaders were good and honest people, they would cut corporate taxes to 0% and cause all of the corporate tax attorneys and tax accountants to get a real job. They could then be adding to the productive side of the balance sheet rather than being collection management stooges for the government. “Corporations” aren’t bad things. They are the main reason we have the level of prosperity we enjoy in this Country.

Every successful small business starts with the vision of one day becoming a “Corporation”. And the very successful ones become, yes, that’s right, a “Corporation”. One of the saddest things in this Country today, is that we have allowed the Progressives to turn the public attitude negative against the very thing that has made America the great economic powerhouse that it is, the “Corporation”.

And the Liberal-Progressives, the politicians and the media (yes, I know that is redundant), continue to use talking points and propaganda, trying to convince We The People that we are suffering because of “Corporations” and rich people being too successful? OK, what book of logic has led us to attack those who work hard and succeed?

And if you’re upset at the profits made by Exxon/Mobil or BP or United Technologies or whoever, buy stock in the company and get yourself a piece of the action. It’s how the CAPITALIST system works and has worked for decades and created the wealthiest Society, for ALL of its Citizens, in the history of mankind.

And yes, there are crooks and a**holes in any and every situation, but if you look with a reasonably fair eye, you’ll see that the VAST majority of “corporations”, particularly American “Corporations”, provide a good or service at, in most cases compared to the rest of the world, an incredible value and produce a profit for their stockholders, period. And those who find the way, through in most cases, hard work, to reach the leadership positions in these “corporations”, deserve to be compensated as decided by the elected board of directors of said “corporation” and approved by their shareholders. It’s just not that hard to understand.

The last thing we need to do is to be distracting Corporations from their real purpose, being productive and profitable, by loading them up with a boatload of regulations and documentation BS to serve as impersonal tax collectors for a bunch of gutless politicians to hide behind. How about we change the system to aggressively prosecute the crooks and a**holes and get out of the way of the rest to return our Country to being the beacon of market capitalism? So, who pays corporate taxes? We The People do and the politicians should be forced to tell US so.

God Bless America! And America, Bless God Again!

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