What a bizarre week this has been in the devolution of political discourse by the left (READ Democrat), and the expansion of lying and deception by the “news” media (also READ Democrats) in the United States. On every visible front, those who stand against the Make America Great Again agenda of President Trump are just coming totally unhinged. And the number of U.S. Citizens of every race, creed and class, who support President Trump’s agenda, continues to expand. How can this be?

I remember it, like it was just yesterday (actually it almost was just yesterday), that the Democrats were strutting all across the Country proclaiming the growing “Blue Wave” coming to sweep them in to control of Congress in the 2018 Mid-terms. They said by the time Congress reconvened in January of 2019, this would have them well on the way to impeaching President Trump for his basic crimes against humanity, and his teaming up with Vladimir Putin and Russia’s KGB to steal the 2016 Presidential Election from poor abused Hillary Clinton.  It would be a great day in America again! But, but, but, what has happened?

Let’s do a quick rundown of some stuff that has really happened in 16+ months of the Trump Presidency. It actually started before the Inauguration when President Trump started to nominate real successful people to fill the positions in his Cabinet. He was doing something unheard of in DC during the previous two administrations; he was nominating skilled individuals, with the specific skills needed to do the jobs they were nominated to do. What a novel concept in the national government. And not a career academic among the bunch. The heresy of it all.

Then they went to work in a very intelligent and methodical way to reverse as much of the damage as possible that had been done to the U.S. by the Jarrett Administration. While all of the enemies of the President were proclaiming him as stupid and incompetent, he just went to work. First, he began working with the Republicans in Congress, using a relatively unknown tool called the Congressional Review Act, to just “cut the legs” out from under the regulatory nightmare that President Obama had put in place with “his pen and his phone”. This has resulted in the repealing of 22 regulations for every new regulation that has been put in place, allowing U.S. businesses to breathe again. BAM!!

Next, after the Republicans in Congress failed at the “repeal and replace” of Obamacare, President Trump went right to work, with those same people in Congress, on the largest dollar value tax cut and sweeping tax reform in the history of the United States. He cheer-leaded this to passage and it gave 98+% of working U.S. Citizens a tax cut. AND this also turbocharged the economy with the largest single corporate tax cut in history. In spite of the Democrats lying to all of US about how this was just “tax cuts for the rich”, many U.S. corporations started handing out raises and bonuses to their employees. Oh, the crumbs, the crumbs!

The whole time along President Trump has kept the “Make America Great Again” and the “Build The Wall” drumbeat going, while the “Russia Collusion” delusion continues to unravel. Except in the minds of the Democrats and the “news” media. But I’m being redundant. Then this past week the newest deception was reporting on this cruel NEW law, and that Trump was personally ripping children away from their families when they illegally invaded the U.S. Wait, it’s not any new law, it’s the fact that we now have a President who has chosen to enforce the law. And new polling released over the weekend shows the Democrats have lost another point or two in the “generic” Congressional Mid-terms polling. How could this be?

At this point, the Democrats and their foot soldiers in the “news” media are just showing that they are clueless to who, and what, the majority of U.S. Citizens really are. After enduring the previous eight, or twenty-eight, years of being told how bad and evil they are, the U.S. Citizens are now being who they really are, God-fearing, law-abiding, America-loving Patriotic people who are glad to see their Country winning again. And they also understand who is leading this winning AND who the real “Enemies of the State” are. Despite the lies, deception, attacks and obstruction of the Democrats and the “news” media, they are glad to be winning again! #MAGA

God Bless America! And America, please Bless God again!

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