Admin Note: I wrote this three year ago, a day after the Pulse Nightclub Massacre. As I reread it last night, it scared me that nothing has really changed in identifying our enemy. 

June 14, 2016-

As Orlando grieves, all of the “talking heads” are looking in to connections to ISIS or some other “radical islamic terror” group. ARE WE REALLY THAT STUPID?? I watched a sitting Congressman wondering if the savage was triggered by ISIS or directed by ISIS? Evidently we are that stupid. Folks, it’s islam, PERIOD! Our own government has constantly bullied us in to ignoring the truth of what is the real enemy of our Culture, and our Country. The enemy is islam.

I really don’t know how much louder the truth has to scream out for us to hear it? From Ft. Hood, to Boston, to Chattanooga, to Norman, OK, to San Bernardino, now to Orlando, and countless other incidents not so publicized, what is the one common denominator? It is islam. Yes, plain and simple, it is islam. But for the last several decades we have done everything possible to conceal and distort this fact. In our schools we have now spent years teaching our children we must embrace islam under the guise that 1.5 billion people can’t all be wrong. It must be that we just don’t understand them well enough.

Since the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 we have brought moslem “experts” directly in to the highest levels of our national government to teach us why we don’t understand that we are the problem, not islam. We have moslem “experts”, who are known members of moslem terror front groups, on a regular basis instructing our highest level elected officials what they must do to make islam more integrated in to our Country and our Society. We have brought these same kinds of “experts” in to our intelligence community to purge any language from the training manuals and materials that could be “offensive” to islam. We have done the same thing to our military. Are we really that crazy? Evidently we are.

The history of this enemy, and the FACT that it is our enemy, goes all the way back to the first war ever declared by the Congress of the United States in 1802. The War of the Barbary Pirates was a war fought with islam. And we have been at war with islam in one-way or another every since. But best I can tell the political correctness police have done everything they can to remove this history from our view, and more importantly, from our textbooks and our schools. Instead we are only taught that islam is a “Religion of Peace” and the real problem is with us and our hate for those we don’t understand. Well, I don’t know about you, but I totally understand them, and I know that to the foundation of islam’s existence, it is our enemy.

What has me stumped is why we have done what we have done to protect islam rather than defeat it? Is it the money? Is it the oil? Is it that the House of Saud has bought our institutions of “higher” learning? Is it the whole “civilizational jihad” that the leaders of islam speak of regularly? I have to believe it is an “all of the above” situation. It is high time We The People start to demand that this cancer be removed from our civil society or like all cancers; it will eventually kill the host. We must first start to identify the enemy as what it is, islam. Not “radical islam”. Not “radical islamic terror”, or terrorists or terrorism. Just islam. In the words of Sun Tzu- “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.” Sadly, at this point we know not either one.

Next, we must demand that our government at all levels, will properly and directly NAME what the enemy is, islam. Ref.: Sun Tzu. I believe we need to follow the lead of the Italians, who in August of 2010 removed the recognition of islam as a religion of any kind. We next must start an immediate purge of all moslems from any positions within our government, at all levels. Until we remove the carriers of the cancer in to our government, we can’t start to actively shrink the tumors that are scattered all through the infected body, which is our government. As long as the cancer is allowed to spread, treatment is futile.

Then we must totally purge all moslems from our education “industry”. From the classroom teachers and assistants, to the school administrators, and especially from any entity connected to textbooks and curriculum development, all must be removed. This must include decertifying and shutting down any and all islamic schools. Then we must start teaching the next generation plainly and succinctly who the enemy is and that we will be at war with this enemy FOREVER. It may seem and sound harsh, but reality often is.

I truly believe that this may be our last warning. We have had several major alarms and opportunities to reverse this and have passed. When the first World Trade Center attack happened, President Clinton made it criminal investigation rather than call it what it was. The most disgusting display yet was when President George W. Bush stood on that pile of rubble, that once was the World Trade Center and declared, “We are NOT at war with islam!” His total ignorance of the real enemy and/or cowardice to recognize the real enemy is what has accelerated the assault on us by our enemy. I hope we will not ignore this latest alarm and start to destroy our enemy, not appease and coddle it. Only time will tell.

God Bless America! And America, PLEASE Bless God Again!

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  1. Bill Coleman

    While it is good to have people with experience and knowledge continue to present the unreformable truth of political Islam and its threat to Liberty and Constitutional freedom … enough of us know how evil and tyrannical unreformable Islam is and need pathway(s) to effectively stop or reverse the advance of Islam.

    We have elected the right President.

    A worthy national goal ???? ….
    He needs our visible and active  organized support as well as our visible individual and ballot box support. Those who want to politically, legally and Constitutionally stop or reverse the advance of Islam in the U.S. need to display the initiative to TAKE ACTION  that will identify those that are MAGA agenda supporters and/or who never want to see another Democrat or similar President in their lifetime … so as to establish cells of MAGA volunteer activists across the U.S. who will consider spending a few hours or more per month to build a volunteer organization, with the national purpose of promoting the MAGA agenda.  Such efforts should never become a political party but should  help transform the Republican Party into being the political party that sustains Constitutional freedom into the future of the U.S.

    My greatest political fear (that I and others can do something about) is that the MAGA movement will fade away like the Reagan movement. The best ways to prevent that is with both private organization(s) like mine which will provide the leadership for the MAGA agenda supporters to transform the Republican Party in accordance with the Rules of the Republican Party. Pres. Trump can not fully provide that leadership with out splitting the Republican Party and creating more opposition within the party to him and his MAGA agenda.

    One of many possible pathways to the above goal …

    An Invitation to join the MeWe group “USA MAGA Community Organizers” … (rev190615).

    We Constitutional Conservatives …  who support MAGA and never want to see another Democrat or similar President elected … can not control legal behavior of Democrats … only how each of us respond to the threats to Constitutional Freedom.

    Many people in the MAGA AGENDA SUPPORTING MOVEMENT want to see MAGA success continued and improved without doing the political work required for such success … There is no group of generals or other substitute instead of your political activism to achieve such success. To depend ONLY on anything other than political, legal and Constitutional means to sustain our Constitutional Freedom is to invite a bloody war and/or lost of our Constitutional freedoms regardless of which side ultimately wins such a war.

    There is no shortcut to building MAGA political power at the ballot box that does not include appropriate canvassing in your neighborhood, community or precinct to politically identify,  unite, grow and mobilize MAGA supporters and those who never want to see another Democrat or similar President. Such canvassing does not have to include the dreaded knocking on doors.

    This message is intended for MAGA supporters, who never want to see another Democrat or similar U.S. President, who want to learn more about how political power at the ballot box is built and maintained by individuals like yourself …. and who will consider volunteering a few hours per month  to work towards promoting MAGA ballot box political power and transforming the Republican Party into the party that sustains Constitutional freedom and MAGA values into the future of the U.S.

    If you are like-minded with the above, please …
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    (rev190615) … Bill Coleman, Greenville SC “