Throughout Human history man has been at war. Wars have been fought to protect and preserve Property. Wars have been fought to protect and preserve Culture. And many wars have been fought to preserve and protect both. In most cases wars have also happened because of an invading force.

I believe there is an epic war on the horizon, coming to the United States in the very near future that encompasses ALL of the above. And I believe this will be a multi-front war, of our own making, on our own soil. And We The People better be ready.

For decades we have been “welcoming” those we will be at war with in to our Country. In many cases, actually paying for them to get here and in most cases, then supporting them once they arrive. All this has been done in the name of “humanitarianism”. Whether it has been the flood of moslem Middle Eastern “refugees”, or the millions of ILLEGAL invaders who have flooded across our borders, we have imported the enemies of our Culture.

And unless we go ahead and declare this war now, our children and grandchildren will NEVER know our history or our Culture, and will not ever possess the property generated by the prosperity of ours’ and our Forefathers’ toil and labor. There is a LOUD wake-up call ringing across our Society. Will we hear it? Or will our Culture and our Society just be killed in our sleep? I believe these are only two choices, fight for our Country and our Culture, or watch it die before our very eyes.

And the first skirmishes have already happened. Are you paying attention? With the way our corrupt “news” media has either refused to report it, or our corrupt government covers it up, you may be paying attention and not know it’s happening. Shouldn’t we all be aware of the explosion of child rapes and early teen pregnancies in the ILLEGAL invader community? Shouldn’t we all be aware of the “creeping” sharia law that is infiltrating more areas of our Country every day? Are you aware? If you are, then you must just be a racist who hates “brown people”, or an ignorant “islamaphobe” who hates people who you don’t understand. That’s right, YOU are the problem!

And guess what? The very people who swear an Oath to protect and defend the CITIZENS of these United States and our Constitution are protecting the people who are committing these crimes. And sadly, it’s not their fault. It’s our fault! We The People have been too damned busy and too damned comfortable to STAND and fight for what is ours. But I see more and more of my fellow CITIZENS starting to hear the wake up call.

And we now have a person running to be our next President who is ringing the bell loud and clear, without fear. Whether he becomes the President or not, we can only pray that he has awakened the “Sleeping Giant”, and forced many of US to start paying attention. Whether it’s the Common Sense call to stop the moslem invasion and return the “refugees” (aka invading warriors) to where they are coming from, or the Common Sense call to build a wall to secure our border and start deporting the illegal invaders, beginning with the violent criminals, that are STILL flooding across our border, We The People are now starting to stand in support of Common Sense. We can only pray they don’t go back to sleep.

Our Culture and our Property are under assault and it’s coming to a head in a hurry. I believe there is a war a coming. And it will be fought in every community across this Country. I hope my fellow Patriots are on alert and ready. Our Founders knew this day would come and gave US the Constitution, to preserve the Rights that God bestowed upon US, to be prepared when it did. Please pray for the Courage to Stand!

God Bless America!! And America, Please Bless God Again!!

  1. When will these so called liberal intellectuals figure out that the utopian society that we all would love to have is only a pipe dream. Utopia cannot achieved by man. Only by GOD. Until that time when GOD makes things right, we must be vigilant for our families, county and the life and freedom that our forefathers fought and died for.

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