While we continue to watch the “hand-wringing”, the “teeth-gnashing” and the emotional outburst following President Trump’s DACA rescission, I have to wonder, “Where are the good old American innovative problem-solving ideas to deal with this situation?” Have we TOTALLY lost our ability to “think outside of the box” to find a solution when we are faced with a problem? Is this the result of the 50 years of national government intervention in our public school industry that has eliminated our “how to think” mentality? Are these questions truly troubling to anybody other than me, myself and I? Do I just ask too many questions? Maybe.

As I was sitting and thinking about, “how could we use this “disastrous” decision by the Trump Administration for good?” I had an idea. (Yes, I know this is a scary proposition, me thinking and having ideas.) What if we design a program to use these “best and brightest”, the DACA kids, to export Capitalism to the 3rd world countries they came to the US from in the first place? How about we actually use the capital we put in to their DACA benefits, and the future foreign aid budget we give to their native countries, as a real “investment in the future” rather than just continuing burdens on the US Citizen Taxpayer? All this could also have the added potential benefit of undermining Socialism and Communism all across Central and South America? EUREKA!!

How would I envision this happening? First, let’s make a quick list of the components involved in this possible solution.

  • DACA Kids, educated at the expense of the US Citizen Taxpayer
  • Future US Citizen Taxpayer benefits for DACA Kids and their families
  • US Foreign Aid budget for the home countries of the DACA Kids
  • Comparatively low costs of doing business in 3rd world countries
  • Capitalism
  • The reasons the DACA Kids supposedly are in the US to start with

What is the biggest potential problem with this idea? It will require a national government program to implement it. But I really believe it is such a good idea that the benefits could even overcome that obstacle.

So what is this incredible idea?!?! Well, since we have these educated and motivated DACA Kids, and we’ve got millions, actually probably billions, of taxpayers’ dollars as a capital pool, and the “leverage” of the US Foreign Aid dollars to use in working with their home countries, why don’t we set up a “Business Start-up Deportation” project? This idea is a way to show the true Capitalistic innovation, as well as the charitable nature of the US Citizen. How would this work? Follow me on this. This is best shown through a potential example.

Jose’ is a good DACA Kid from Guatemala, or Mexico, or Colombia or any other Central or South American country. He was brought here by his parents as a 6 year old in 1998 and has been in the US every since. So he has been educated through his entire life at the expense of the US Citizen Taxpayers. (Sorry if the truth bothers you, but it is the truth.) In 2013, under DACA he qualified to continue his education, as well as now he is in the system. And the chances are he is also bi-lingual, in his native language. Jose’ is one of just thousands of these good DACA Kids. In exchange for Jose’, and his family, voluntarily returning to his home country, he is allowed to apply for a “Business Start-Up Grant” that will allow him to start a business in his home country upon his return. In addition, we will provide counseling and guidance in helping Jose’ get his business up and running. You know this will be much less expensive than anything on the books to deal with our current DACA situation.

Now, what is the negative piece of this idea? The first thing that came to mind is the lawlessness of many of the home countries of the DACA Kids. What would prevent the government of the home country from just confiscating Jose’s capital and his business? This is where our US Foreign Aid budget comes in to play. All of these “DACA Kid Businesses” will be monitored by the US Embassy in their home country. Whenever it is found that there is “foul play” committed against our DACA Kids, or their businesses, we “correct” their home country government’s action by “adjustments” to their foreign aid allocations. Call it bribery or coercion if you like, but it is the language that the “leaders” of their home country best understand at this point.

I can’t even start to imagine the future power, and positive US “optics” and influence, of planting these “Trees of Capitalism” all across Central and South America. Can you? This is a potential way to actually reduce the future need for others who live in Jose’s home country to “escape” and invade the United States for an opportunity to succeed. These DACA Kids are now taking our US Values back to and spreading them to others in their home country. Can you say “USAID on GOOD steroids”? I know, I know, this just a silly Utopian idea that could never work. And I’m still a little concerned about that whole “national government program” piece of the plan, but EVERY potential solution to the “DACA Kids” is a national government program of some sort. But if we truly still believe that the best welfare program is a job, and Capitalism is truly the best economic/political solution to societal problems, isn’t it worth the effort to prove it? I believe it is.

God Bless America! And America, Please Bless God Again!

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