Looking back on the events of the last week, and what has been going on since, isn’t this a valid question? The loudest and most visible examples of this are what happened in the 9thCongressional District here in North Carolina. How is it that we’re more than 3 months removed from Election Day and it was just decided on this past Thursday that we have to now have a “do over” election? Bottom line, in today’s modern atmosphere of data and technology, it just shouldn’t be this hard for the U.S., as a “First World” Country, to conduct and tabulate an election.

Then why does this kind of situation happen? I would suggest there are multiple reasons, none of which are universal. There is the disruption of the plan by the Progressives. There is the involvement of one political party or the other in the operation of elections. There are the “data manipulators” who operate on the backside. And there is just open and apparent voter fraud at the ballot box, as loudly as the Progressives in the past have proclaimed it is a “figment” of our imagination. Or it can be a combination of any or all of the above. But they are all because of the desire by some to maintain their power and control.

If you think about this from a simple operational standpoint, this all should be easy enough. The Citizen goes to their DMV or Board of Elections office and registers to vote in a reasonable period of time PRIOR to the next election so they can be added to the list of eligible voters. Prior to the election, a database/list of all eligible voters is uploaded to the elections’ records system and provided to the poll workers in every polling place where ballots can be cast by the eligible voters. The voter shows up at the polling place, provides a proper means of identification and is issued the proper ballot. The voter then marks their ballot and places their ballot in the tabulator where their vote is recorded. The totals of all voters’ votes are then tallied and the winners are the candidates or referenda that receive the most votes. And in this day of secure data acquisition and transmission, this should be done with minimal effort and fairly rapid results. It really shouldn’t be that hard or that complicated. So, why does it seem to be that it isn’t done that easily?

There is one reasonable exception to this above outlined sequence of events, the Absentee vote. For the Absentee voter, a properly registered voter requests an Absentee Ballot by mail from their local Board of Elections.  The Absentee Ballot is then mailed to the registered address of the requesting voter. Once the voter receives their ballot, they personally mark their ballot in the company of two witnesses, or a Notary Public, and mail it back to the Board of Elections to be opened and counted on Election Day. This also seems simple enough.

So, back to the original question, “Have we lost control of our elections?” I have to say it appears that we have. And we have just started to scratch the surface on why and how. From a lot of work that my friend Major Dave Goetze, U.S. Army Retired, has done in a “post-mortem” of the 2016 election operations and results, I think it is a confluence of several factors, compounded by our elected legislators being terrified to act on, or even investigate, anything related to the process of elections in our State, due to the media “witch hunt” mentality. I have seen enough evidence of “data manipulation”, or at least data mishandling to believe that the sole company responsible for all elections equipment and software in North Carolina, possibly assisted by actions by the data people with our State Board of Elections, has played a hand in our election outcomes in 2016 and 2018. Or at least certainly could have. And the unwillingness of election officials to disqualify “provisional” ballots because of the threat that legal actions could follow. These are just the beginnings of things that must be corrected and restored, between now and 2020, to return confidence to the U.S. Citizen in our elections. Some people better get busy if we plan to have control in coming elections.

I would like to add one major closing point, we in NO WAY want the national government involved in our elections, EVER.

God Bless America! And America, please Bless God again!

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