Subtitle: The most expensive and destructive FREE play by the left yet!

As I’m watching the Democrat candidates start to jump in the 2020 Presidential Pageant, one of the initial plays by the field seems to be “FREE College for all!” My first thought when they started right off with the “I can give away more FREE stuff than you to buy votes” campaign, I was not surprised. It’s what Liberal-Progressive Democrats have been doing to win elections for more than the last half-century. But the “FREE College for all!” is a whole new level of disingenuous pandering, even for L-P Democrats. And I’m trying to get a bearing on why and I think it’s an interesting play. I just hope that what the L-P Democrats and “moderate” Republicans have done to education hasn’t “dumbed-down” enough of We The People to make the play work.

How did we get here? We first must understand that it has been the mission of the Progressives to take over the education industry for the last 100 years. They had pretty much accomplished that goal in Pre-K to 12, until Common Core and the blowback it created. But that’s another story. Anyway, they have built the foundation for this whole “FREE College for all” to have a possibility to work. They also have been the driving force behind making college a “necessity” by getting government more involved, turning primary and secondary education in to a social program, instead of actually teaching children. We must understand that they set the table for this “FREE College for all” scheme that can now be used in an election cycle. I don’t think they are smart enough to have said years ago, “Let’s make college so expensive and necessary that we’ll be able to use giving it away to buy votes in the future”. But they are certainly opportunistic and evil enough to use the creation of their own “unintended” consequences to buy votes from desperate Citizens.

There is one basic fact we need to cover at this point. That is the meaning of “free”.

From the Oxford Dictionary- “Given or available without charge.”

Now this only applies to the recipient in this discussion of “higher” education. But as the World operates in “equations”, will this make anything actually free? Does it mean that under the Democrats plan the professors and instructors will no longer be paid and will gladly “Given or available without charge” provide their services without compensation? Does it mean that by government edicts all that provide curricula materials and testing supplies will do so with no expectation of compensation? Does it mean that by government edict that those who provide utilities for the institutions of “higher” learning will now do so without compensation? And what about those who provide room and board? I must hearken back to something my wise old Dad told me at a very early age, “Son, nothing’s free.” And if there is one thing I’ve learned in life, without exception, my wise old Dad was right.

But I believe there’s an even bigger deception and misdirection in the Democrat’s “FREE College for all” vote-buying scheme. Since there will be “FREE College for all”, doesn’t that really mean that the new college education will be “Given or available without charge?” So doesn’t that mean that the new college education would, in the world of equations, have no value? WHOA!! That can’t be what it means, can it? Well, why would a college education be an anomaly in the big picture of basic economics? Simple answer, it’s not.

So now, rather than the market and personal determination deciding who does and doesn’t go to college, government in all of its brilliance will make that decision. I hope you’ll let that whole idea sink in just a little bit. It means there will no longer be any measure of “merit” associated with who goes to college, because if government makes it FREE to all, anybody who shows up must be accepted because it is now a “right”. And if we don’t see through the play for the “big game”, We The People will lose. Why would I say the “big game”? Because to the Progressives, and now specifically, the Democrats, everything they do is a game to win elections, and to win the Presidential Pageant is the “big game”. We need to understand the play and what it means.

So, if you want to assure the further degradation of your posterity in particular, and the Country, and in turn the World, in general, you will want to support the Democrats and their “FREE College for all” scheme. But if you still believe that there is value in hard work and personal responsibility, you will run as far and as fast as you can away from this next step in the destruction of our Society. And the march to the new government utopia advances.

God Bless America! And America, Bless God Again!

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