Subtitle: There’s something like the Opioid epidemic happening in our State and local governments.

When friends ask the reason why I concentrate most of my energy on State and local government, I explain that I have come to realize that We The People can go to DC until the cows come home and it won’t make any difference, but if We The People decide to show up at our State Capitols and County Seats, we can truly make a difference. We must start to understand that this has been a major operational part of the plan of the Progressive Movement for 100+ years now; to influence We The People to change our focus from our communities, counties and states, to the national government and Washington, DC. And while we’ve been distracted by DC, they’ve been building a dependence structure in our local and State governments.

We The People have been duped in to letting the national government bureaucrats and Statists bribe and addict our local and State governments to national government heroin (money) grants. This isn’t happening by accident, this has been the plan. Get local and State officials hooked on the national government heroin (money) and they’ll become convinced they can’t survive without it. The MOST dangerous thing in our Country today to the Freedoms AND Liberty of We The People is a national government grant. And I mean ANY national government grant.

The initial buzz from the “free” national government heroin is wonderful, but the crash that comes from the regulations that this heroin brings in to our communities or states is very uncomfortable and steals our Freedoms and Liberty. Why must my county or State spend twice as much as is really necessary to build a new road? Because there is a percentage of national government heroin in the mix to build the road, so it must be built to comply to ALL national government road regulations. And this happens EVERYWHERE and EVERYTIME that national government heroin is brought in to our communities and states.

And our local, state and national bureaucrats and politicians can’t wait to crow about the great job they have done “bringing home the bacon” from their national government “Sugar Daddy” rather than seeing they have brought addictive poison in to our communities and states from their designated national government heroin pusher. We The People must make the hard choice and work by showing up at local and state government meetings and assemblies and start demanding that they “PUT THE NEEDLE DOWN” when it comes to national government grants, or the Republic will surely be lost, just like the junkie in the alley.

God Bless America! And America, Bless God Again!!

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  1. John Culbertson

    Couldn’t have said it better.