Yes, it’s soon to be that time of year again, when the new school year begins and in many households with children there is a return to the normalcy of the nine+ months when the kids are in school. The government schools of today aren’t what they were as little as a decade ago and the role of the parent to protect the future of their child(ren) is much greater than it has ever been. As much as the educrats would prefer the parents just get out of the way and let the “machine” that their education industry has designed and built handle raising your children, don’t let them have your child. Be a parent!

We are living in a time where your child, in the eyes of the educrats, is seen as a unit of economic capital to perpetuate their ever growing “industry” and the interference of parents can be a negative to their objective. It’s time we understand that their, the educrats, #1 goal is to continue building the feeder system for the most corrupt syndicate in the World today, the United States “Higher” Education industry. For going on 3 decades now, it is critical to the “industry” that they move as many K-12 students in to one of their post-secondary operations, to generate revenue to feed their ever-growing wants and needs. It is sad to say, but it’s easy to see that the long-term success of your child is a secondary purpose to the educrat. It has become a by-product of them growing their “industry.”

There was a time in this Country where most of those involved in the “higher” education industry were good and noble people who actually sacrificed financially to provide advanced knowledge and skills to their students. There was also the understanding that to go to college was a privilege that students, and their parents, often sacrificed for and did without many things to achieve. Colleges and universities did, in the vast majority of situations, offer courses of study that provided their graduates a specialized skill-set or training to advance their future professional abilities to achieve and succeed. Sadly, it appears that time has passed in to the world of “Women’s Studies” and “Medieval Art History” majors and advanced degrees. For more on this, I wrote an article a couple of years ago that you may want to check out-

Now, let’s get back to the job of being a parent of a “back to school” child. There are a lot of things that a parent must do in the new day of government education to assure their child’s success. What is the most important? To me it is to show up and be involved at every opportunity. Second, don’t sign any “permission” forms or packages without reading them and being sure of what you’re signing your child up for before you sign. I now suggest that, if possible, that a group of parents in any school go in together and pay a lawyer to review the “admissions” paperwork and advise the parents on what all that legalese says in real world language. You should be particularly curious of anything related to data acquisition, custody and sharing. And be sure to know about your access to review any data that is collected on your child. You can be sure the educrats had their lawyers write it, so you probably want your lawyer to read it.

Next, have a positive, direct relationship with your child’s teacher and let them know you’re there to make their job easier, for the good of your child. Ask the teacher what is the best way for you to get access to your child’s text-books, work-sheets and other learning materials so you can keep up with and review them. In the current “top-down” push of curricula control, being a parent means you must be checking out what your child is being taught and exposed to in their classroom experience. You must be willing to ask questions when you see or hear something that raises your “parent antenna”. As a parent and a taxpayer who is helping pay for what your child is being taught, you have every right to know what it is. And NEVER let anybody in your child’s school bully you in to submission when you have a question or concern. Remember, they’re your children and you, and only you, are ultimately responsible for what the education “industry” does for, or to, your child. Please take this responsibility seriously because the future of our Country, our Culture and our Society are depending on you, to be a parent.

God Bless America! And America, Bless God Again!


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