Wow, what a week! It starts with the President of the University of Missouri resigning for no legitimate reason at all. And seven days later, it ends yesterday evening with at least 26 Governors exhibiting there is still a glimmer of intellect and backbone left in our Country. In between we saw the actions of the cult of satan, that is islam, in Paris, a Democratic Presidential Pageant Debate that has to make every US Citizen, you know, the only ones who can vote, make note of what has happened to what used to be the overwhelming majority political party in our Nation. And finally, there was an event with our President on an international stage that should embarrass EVERY US Citizen.

First, MIZZOU!! Well, the professional grievance industry claimed a victory of some sort Monday, when the President and the Chancellor of the University of Missouri resigned because of pressure from the faux manufactured racist mob. We also learned that when “Occupy our University” comes to town, organizers of the protest, particularly university faculty, could just suspend the 1st Amendment Freedom of the Press if they so choose. They sure wouldn’t want the members of the national “rent a mob” coalition, which showed up in Ferguson, Baltimore and various other manufactured incidents of spontaneous outrage, to be recognized on campus. Would they? I’m pretty sure there will be more on this to follow.

Next, our hearts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of the victims of the attacks in Paris. And to all of the people of Western Europe who will be the victims of future attacks. I’m concerned that we have so many clueless World “Leaders” who were shocked that this abhorrent situation happened. Really? What part of uncontrolled migration of 7th Century savages, blindly adherent to the cult of satan, islam, in to the Society of unprotected, unarmed infidel sheep, will result in the slaughtering of the sheep didn’t they see coming? And now there is “outrage” and knee-jerk retaliation against the “enemy”, but nothing will really change concerning the root reason this happened and then sometime in the near future, the whole cycle will start again. Insanity- (def) Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result without changing the root cause.

Then there was the Saturday Night freak show that was the Democratic Party Presidential Pageant Debate/chat, where the absolute lunacy that is the ever shrinking minority Party were on display in its full splendor. First, there was the “presumptive” nominee, former First Lady, US Senator and Secretary of State, HiLIARy Clinton telling US, “NO we are not at war with islam, or all moslems! And can we get on to me telling you about all the free stuff I’m going to give you to elect me?” Then, you have that warm, fuzzy, “seventy-something”, curmudgeon, declared-socialist US Senator Bernie Sanders telling US, “We must understand that Climate Change is the root cause of the moslem migration and terrorism! And can we get on to me telling you about all the free stuff I’m going to give you to elect me?” And last, but certainly not least, former Baltimore Mayor and Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, who actually appeared to be the grown-up on the stage. Which pretty much sums it up.

And that brings US to Monday and what a day Monday was going to be. It started with Valerie Jarrett’s Meat-puppet in Chief, a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama, showing how really stupid the US Citizens are to have elected this “man” President, twice. It can never be under-estimated the petulance and idiocy that will flow from this “man’s” mouth when Chancellor Jarrett lets him go off teleprompter. From his denying that isis is in an expansionist mode, to doubling-down on the importation of the Syrian “refugees”, he was in rare form on the World Stage. For nearly forty minutes he proceeded to embarrass each and every US Citizen just by standing, speaking and answering, kind of, questions from an international pool of “journalists”. The day will come, hopefully, where we will be able to look back at this eight-year regime and recognize it was the wake-up call to the US Citizens that awakened a Sleeping Giant.

And then Monday afternoon/evening there was a glimmer of hope for our future, as the Governors from more than half of the States across the Country said, “NO!” One by one, over the period of the day, 26 Governors informed the Office of the Meat-puppet in Chief that they, and their States, will stand against the “Refugee Resettlement” industry and refuse to allow the Jarrett Administration to willy-nilly distribute a horde of un-vetted future terrorists across their States. So, if you live in one of those 26 States, you should call your Governor’s Office and thank them for taking a stand for the future of the Republic. And if you live in one of the other 24 States, you probably want to make a different call to your Governor’s Office. There may be hope for this abused old Republic yet! Prayers can’t hurt!

God Bless America! And America, bless God Again!

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