Well, it’s April 15, 2020, which is normally the official “Tax Day” for the year, but due to the China Virus DemPanic, it has been postponed to July 15. So, we will have to wait until July for the “news” media to be reporting their annual stories of people racing around to comply with their “obligation” to their State and National governments. So, what will it be that they won’t be reporting? I believe the biggest thing that will not be reported is that there are an estimated 30+ million former US Taxpayers, who have “checked out” of the whole income tax system, and just don’t file anymore. A friend who works in a Congressional Office gave me this number. And they then admitted this may be a low estimate, but nobody knows for sure.

So, how many of you have never heard anything about this before? I’m going to guess the majority of you haven’t. Well, why not? Because it is just a part of the grand illusion that your national government operates under. Illusion? Yes, illusion. In a conversation I had with this same friend a few years back, I asked them a simple, straight-forward question, “Is there any commission, committee, board, office or any other national government entity that can tell you how many dollars actually flow in to, and out of, Washington, DC, with any degree of accuracy?” Following what seemed like minutes of laughter at the other end of the phone, they replied with a simple single-word answer, “No”. I have to say that I wasn’t really shocked or surprised by their answer, because I felt I knew the answer before I even asked the question.

They continued, “You have to understand that the national government operates on a single economic premise, illusion. Do you want to know how effective they have been at building, and operating, under this illusion? I’ve worked in several different Congressional offices for close to 20 years, both in DC, and in District, and you are the first person who has ever even asked me this question.” They told me that they believed this was why several of the most economically successful and growing States were those States, which had replaced their income taxes with sales/consumption or other taxes. And that really just makes sense if you think about it. If Joe Citizen has decided that they will “take the risk” of not filing their national government income taxes, do you really think that they are going to file their State income taxes? The logical answer is “probably not”.

Now, without getting too deep in the minutiae of how and why this has happened, and the number of Americans who are “checking out” continues to grow, it is really very simple. The nation has simply outgrown the capabilities of the national government’s current revenue collections, and enforcement, operations. And if you’ve ever had to directly deal with ANY national government operation, can you really have a question that this is true? So, We The People need to understand that the current taxation system is not really about revenue, it’s all about control.

Is there a solution to this situation? We believe there is but the folks in DC, and their preferred special interests, are fighting it tooth and nail. What could that solution be? Well, we believe that for the same reason that successful States are moving away from the income tax model, the national government should move in the same direction. It should move away from the income tax and to a sales/consumption tax plan. There has been a plan, formally presented in the form of a filed bill in Congress, for the last six, and the current Session, called The FairTax. It is the most comprehensively studied taxation plan ever introduced. And it is the greatest personal freedom plan we’ve seen in the US since the end of slavery, because it brings an end to the economic slavery that is created by the national income tax. You can learn more about it atwww.FairTax.org.

There was a reason our Founders are seen as geniuses in their time, and today, because they created a Constitution that was to specifically limited the size and scope of the national government. Unfortunately we have allowed this central government monster to escape from the box they designed for it to be kept in. And a major way it broke down the door and escaped was through the income tax system. We can do better than this and the plan is already right in front of US. It’s time to insist that Congress pass The FairTax and make EVERY day in April just another Spring Day!

God Bless America! And America, Please Bless God Again!!

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