It is always interesting to watch how quickly some stories are just pushed right out of the public discussion. Particularly when the story might cast a negative light on one of the Liberal-Progressive’s favored institutions. We have witnessed this again this week as the revered and sacred Liberal institution, that is The College Board, stepped in it again with the revelation that there is something called an “Adversity Score” which is going to be factored in to some college applicants SAT scores. This score was provided to 50 colleges last year as a “beta test” and will be provided to 150 colleges this year. This “score” will factor in the applicant’s “Social and Economic Background” with what is provided from The College Board as part of their SAT “package”.

So, what does this really mean? It appears to be the next assault by The College Board to remove the idea that college admissions should be based on the merit and quantified achievement of the applicant. I can only guess that this is really a shot at those eliminating the concept of “affirmative action” from college admissions, because it has been ruled illegal. To listen to The College Board CEO David Coleman attempt to explain what this isn’t, tells me that this is just affirmative action dressed in a different suit. You can see the interview with Coleman doing his “song and dance” with Sandra Smith of Fox News at this link-

From my view, this just is another reason why The College Board needs to be wound down, disassembled and removed from the U.S. education landscape. It has proven that it has no problem abusing its “vaunted” position to continue the decline of our formerly superior education position in the World. As long as it does so through pushing its Liberal “Social Justice” platform deeper and deeper in to our moral fabric and “dumbing-down” the next generation of U.S. Citizens. Oh, and all the while continues to grow its annual revenue take, which in 2017 was estimated at $1.12 Billion. 

The destruction The College Board has done over the last several decades is almost criminal. I hope everybody remembers that with The College Board as the driving force, along with co-conspirators Pearson Education and Obama Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, they are the triumvirate that brought “Race to the Top” and Common Core State Standards to our U.S. Public Schools? Add to that what they have done to advance their Progressive-Communist destruction of the top 5% of U.S. high school students through their Advanced Placement indoctrination curriculum. I believe their whole “intellectual take-over” scheme must be ripped out of our schools. You can read about this here an article I wrote 3 years ago after the whole scheme was laid out by Dr. Stanley Kurtz at the 2016 Civitas Institute Conservative Leadership Conference.

Then there was the latest volume of The College Board history lesson before the “Adversity Score”, we all remember that they were dead in the middle of the multi-million dollar “Buy my kid admission to an elite university” scandal. You know, where the very rigidly-regulated SAT, was corrupted by folks like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman and other elites using a system which bought SAT Proctors, and hired professional “SAT test takers” to “improve” their kids SAT scores to make sure they got in to their chosen schools. How does this even happen? Can you say “follow the money”?

Last but not least is The College Board’s “data for sale” program. Are you aware that you, or anybody or any company, can buy personal data on any student who is in The College Board database? How much power does that give The College Board over the future targeting of, and marketing to, this and future generations of American students? As we learn more every day, data is the next great currency, and every one of the children in U.S. schools today deserves the right to determine who is controlling their data. Do you trust The College Board with this? I don’t.

So, how do we stop this destructive force that has fully infected our public, and in many cases, private schools. I hope quickly and completely. I have spoken with several of the UNC System Board of Governors Member about why can’t the UNC System develop their “Entrance Exam” and eliminate the SAT/ACT? And can’t other States do the same? Second, eliminate the whole Advanced Placement scheme. This will kill the cash cow that finances much of the rest of the assault on our Society. Third, continue the dismantling Common Core. And last, we must eliminate the access to ANY student data by The College Board. When you go to the doctor and you are diagnosed with cancer, the most effective treatment is to remove the cancer before it can further metastasize. The cancer of The College Board has now metastasized to at least Stage 4 and must be removed before it finishes killing the patient, STAT!

God Bless America! And America, please Bless God again!

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