What would and should we do with MS-13 and associated illegal invader scum?

At the same time we’re watching the anti-American Liberal-Progressive Communist Democrat Socialists are marching in the streets screaming that we need to abolish I.C.E. (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), we continue see news report on MS-13 and other violent Latino drug gangs and cartels operating in cities all across this country and I had an interesting thought, “What would happen if we decided to reopen the Alcatraz Island prison to do what we should all recognize is the reason it was established originally?” TO LOCK AWAY THE WORST AND LEGITIMATELY IRRETRIEVABLE MALEVOLENT SCUM IN SOCIETY, FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE GENERAL CITIZENRY! And to throw fuel on the fire of this suggestion, let’s use the facility exclusively for “three-time loser, repeat, violent, felon ILLEGAL invaders”.

I realize that due to the laws of our land, we must afford a level of equal protection to the SCUM who by fortune of their birthright are Citizens of this wonderful Country; therefore, these individuals will not be eligible for an exotic vacation on Alcatraz Island.


By establishing this as the defined usage designation of the facility, and using it only for that purpose, WE THE PEOPLE should not be required to provide the wonderful creature comforts this SCUM receives in their current Federal Prison abodes. I have researched the requirement for humane treatment of prisoners and I believe because this particular SCUM can and should, by their repeated invasions of our country, be declared as the equivalent of prisoners of war, therefore limiting them to adequate shelter, humane treatment and the equivalent of bread and water to insure sustenance. You know, basically the equivalent of the conditions of the Maricopa County, Arizona jail, but not quite that nice. Please note: I cannot find anywhere in our laws that specifically says an individual in this country ILLEGALLY should be afforded the equal protections, guaranteed and I believe, reserved for citizens and alien individuals with legal status in our country. And if some bleeding heart attorney or judge has bent our laws to include these people, if so, we must correct this error.

As I listened to Police officers in areas of infestation by these gangs, they kept eluding to the glorification and elevation of members of the gangs by repeated arrest and deportation. And it appeared that the more violent or heinous the offense; the more it elevated the SCUM’s reputation within their subculture. I say we institute 3 strikes; you go to Alcatraz policy exclusively for three-time loser, repeat, violent, felon ILLEGAL invaders.

I believe sometimes we lose sight of what the real illegal immigration issue is to WE THE PEOPLE, it truly is not so much an immigration issue as it is a criminal issue. And unfortunately, due to the way we have made it so difficult on our law enforcement personnel to deal with and identify the status of CRIMINAL ILLEGAL invader offenders, they shy away from pursing the issue. This is not an indictment of law enforcement officers; it’s more an indictment of the rest of our justice system and its unwillingness or inability to deal with the issue. I, and I believe the majority of my fellow citizens, are in no way in favor of hunting down hard working, contributing members of our society who are in this country illegally, let’s be honest, that’s not who we are. But, if you’re here illegally and commit a crime, your name, fingerprints and a DNA sample have to be in the system, and if it’s a violent crime…..YOU GOT TO GO! And if, by chance, you’re here illegally and proudly own convictions on three felonies, any one of which is of a violent nature, HELLO ALCATRAZ!!!

I believe this should be looked at as a test program. If this test shows a marked improvement in the illegal invader violent crime rate and/or gang activity in the areas where it is first instituted, we should move to build, minimum amenity, ultra-high security prisons for the purpose of confining exclusively three-time loser, violent, felon, ILLEGAL invaders. Since the Mexican and other Central and South American governments have shown total contempt for our laws by the way we return violent felons to them and then, I truthfully believe, they give them a ride to the border to come back here and pillage some more. That means WE THE PEOPLE must find a way to, in an economically feasible, humane, efficient and effective manner, put these three-time loser, violent, felon ILLEGAL invaders in a place where they will never have the opportunity to menace our citizens or our society again.

But let’s start with a targeted program and use Alcatraz. You know it’s already there, proven to be virtually inescapable, owned by WE THE PEOPLE, and for this program, I’m sure it wouldn’t take a whole lot of spiffing up to make it acceptable for this type of usage.

It just seems like common sense to me.

God Bless America! And America, please Bless God Again!

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