Subtitle: Did We The People get the message?

I hope that every Conservative Patriot in the United States got the message that was delivered in the 18th Congressional District in the State of Pennsylvania last Tuesday. More important, I hope that they understand who it was that sent the message? In a Congressional District that President Trump won by close to 20% in 2016, a Democrat defeated the Republican candidate who was supported by the President. So, the people of PA-18 sent a message that they were turning on the President and his agenda? Sorry, not even close. We’ll get back to this in a minute, but first a little background.

The special election was held to fill the vacancy created by the departure of incumbent Tim Murphy (R). Murphy announced his resignation in October 2017, following reports that he encouraged a woman with whom he had an extramarital affair to have an abortion. Next, due to a recent Supreme Court decision, the current PA-18 will NOT exist in the November 2018 Mid-term election but will be split among 4 newly drawn Districts, so the winner will not be running for re-election in this same District in November. This limited who was willing to get in to the race because there is no real political future for the winner.

The next piece that played out in the race was who the two candidates. Conor Lamb, the Democrat, and Rick Saccone, the Republican, were on the campaign trail. Lamb was the young attractive Marine, who ran as an America-First, Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, anti Nancy Pelosi, Conservative Democrat. And Saccone was the somewhat gruff crusty old Veteran and politician, who ran as an America-First, Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, pro-President Trump somewhat Conservative Republican. Can you see that the voters in PA-18 could have been a little “misdirected” by who the candidates in the race were as the campaigns played out on the ground? Now, back to the message that was sent that nobody seems to be talking about. This message was truly indivisible from the outcome. Or more precisely, the message was from “Indivisible”.

At this point many of you are asking, “Who or what are/is an ‘Indivisible’?” I believe that Indivisible is the single most powerful ”hiding in plain sight” political operation in our lifetime, that almost nobody is aware even exist. When I say that they are “hiding in plain sight”, you can find out all about them at their public accessible website- where they lay out their whole purpose and agenda. There is also an easy to access “Zip Code search”, so you can find your local group and get involved. A search of groups in a 50-mile radius of Charlotte, NC brings 27 results! The Indivisible Charlotte Facebook Page alone, as of today, has 4622 following it. Did you even know they existed?

They have over 4600 “organized” groups across the Country. There are more than 100 in NC alone. I have signed up for their emails on one of my Hotmail “alias” accounts. They are picking up their activity level. When I signed up, about this time last year, they were sending an email about every two weeks, now it’s at least two a week. I was at my GOP District Executive Committee meeting a couple of weeks ago and out of the 40+ people that were there, when I asked, “who here has heard of Indivisible”, only about a half-dozen raised their hands. We need to wake up and realize who the enemy really is and what they are doing. Think about it, for the 2016 election the NC Democrat Party only had 52-58 counties with organized Party operations, but now going in to this Mid-Term, Indivisible has more than 100 groups in the State. And almost nobody is even paying attention.

Now back to PA-18. In a special election where turnout is normally low and many Citizens aren’t really even aware it is happening, a candidate’s or their supporting organizations’, GOTV (Get Out The Vote) operation is “Mission Critical”, let’s look at what Indivisible did in PA-18. This is straight from their “Victory” email-

Here’s how our movement helped flip PA-18:

→ Indivisible Mt. Lebanon and Progress 18 PA, with their coalition partners PA Together, hit every voter in the 18th district three times, and at one location on Saturday alone, over 50 IndivisiVolunteers completed canvassing shifts.

→ Our 1,556 national volunteers completed 2,917 text-banking shifts during the last two weeks of the election. All together, they sent 108,828 texts to voters in the district.

There’s a real opportunity for progressives — for this movement — to take back the reins of our government and stop the GOP’s hate-filled agenda once and for all in November.”

I hope everybody reads that VERY CAREFULLY! This needs to be a wakeup call to every Conservative Patriot if you really care about where we are going in the United States today. Will these “radicals” be able to achieve the same results in the November Mid-Term elections that are less than 8 months away? I don’t have any idea at this point but I can assure you that they are way ahead of where those in support of the Trump Agenda are at this point. If they are able to continue to grow this operation, which was just started after the 2016 Elections at this rate, then the whole Make America Great Again agenda will be in real trouble come 2019. And this doesn’t even start to address what their “bleed over” affect at the State and Local level could be. I hope We The People got the message!

God Bless America! And America, PLEASE Bless God Again!

  1. When will the conservatives, who know what the Trump movement and the Republican Party is up against in elections of ’18 and ’20, demand leadership from Pres. Trump or a surrogate and/or work from within the Trump movement and/or county GOP committees for “precinct based nation wide ORGANIZATION” of the ’16 Trump primary voters and the now like minded?

    … in other words, will the Trump movement and the Republican Party become one political entity (or at least fight on the same side of major political issues) or will Constitutional freedom in the U.S. continue to decline … because of lack of leadership that unites all Commonsense Constitutional Conservatives within the Republican Party?

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